Little Backyard Adventure Race Intro

Race Details

August 8th, 2020

Start Times


1 Loop
(3.6miles/250ft. vert)
Start time: 9am


3 Loops
(11miles/750ft. vert)
Start time: 8:30am

Home Run

5 Loops
(18miles/1250ft. vert)
Start time: 8am

The Course

All runners run the same loop. The race begins and ends at the main LBA park shelter. The trail encircles the park area and ballfields but most of the course is on single track in the woods just south of the ballfields. You'll be surprised how twisted and fun that course is going to be.

We will have clear signage, trail markings and course markings on all intersections on race day. Marking tape will be located before and after each intersection. Consult the course map for exact details for the course.

Preview the course with us

Join our Strava group to stay up to date with upcoming opportunities to explore the course.

Pre-Race Package Pickup

We'll have a pre-race day package pickup on Friday, August 7th from 5pm - 7pm at REI Olympia.

Race Day Package Pickup

Race packets can be picked up on race day starting at 6:00am at LBA Park.


We have plenty of parking at main parking lot at 3333 Morse-Merryman Road SE, Olympia, WA. If needed additional, overflow parking will be announced before race day.


The Little Backyard Adventure Race will take place on August 8th, so prepare for warm weather. While the race takes place in the morning, the average August high temperature in Olympia is 78 degrees, with a low of 51 degrees. It will more than likely be sunny and hot, but it also may rain, or not. Be ready for anything. This is the Pacific Northwest.

Expect to be hot during race day and bring a way to stay hydrated. Water and electrolytes will be provided at the aid station, but we are running a cup-less race, so please bring a bottle of your own to refill. We will not be providing means to hold water. Hydration is incredibly important and we will do our best to ensure that you have enough to drink throughout the race. With the heat, we also strongly encourage sunscreen use, hats and any other way to stay cool.

In the last few years, Olympia has been inundated with smoke from wildfires around the Pacific Northwest and if this occurs again, the race still will go on.

Post Race Party

Olympia is an awesome place to explore, stay awhile and come to our after party in downtown Olympia.

Directions to LBA Park

3333 Morse-Merryman Road SE, Olympia, WA

From Olympia

To make this easy, we will start from the Capitol Building. Head north on Capitol Way S toward 11th Ave SW. Turn right onto Union Ave SE. Turn right onto Eastside St SE. Continue onto 22nd Ave SE. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Boulevard Rd SE. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Morse-Merryman Rd SE. LBA Park will be on the right.

From Seattle

Follow I-5 South. Continue to drive south until you reach exit 107 from I-5. Take exit 107 for Pacific Ave Turn and left onto Pacific Ave SE. Turn right onto Fones Rd SE. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto 18th Ave SE. At the next traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Hoffman Rd SE. Turn right onto Morse-Merryman Rd SE. LBA Park will be on the left.

From Portland

Follow I-5 N to Pacific Ave SE in Olympia, Exit 107. Take exit 107 for Pacific Ave Turn and left onto Pacific Ave SE. Turn right onto Fones Rd SE. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto 18th Ave SE. At the next traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Hoffman Rd SE. Turn right onto Morse-Merryman Rd SE. LBA Park will be on the left.

Little Backyard Adventure Race Intro
Little Backyard Adventure Race Intro


On race day, racers must respect the direction and authority of the race director, race organization and volunteers.

As you race around LBA, you’ll be passing through a neighborhood park maintained by the City of Olympia. The park is frequented by locals, dog walkers, mountain bikers and other runners, and since the route is open to the public on race day, please be courteous and aware of all the other park visitors. We are guests in their neighborhood, so smile, be polite and respectful to all other trail users so as to minimize any disruption.

  • We are all sharing LBA, so be kind to all you encounter and help show why the trail running community is so awesome!
  • No short-­cutting of any kind. We have eyes out on the course and if you cut a section, you will be disqualified and banned from future races.
  • Do not litter. At all. Ever. While we can only monitor the course and not your entire life, if we catch you littering, you will be disqualified and receive a lifetime ban. Bonus high fives/hugs for all who pick up trash.
  • Please use the bathrooms provided by the City of Olympia. Keep them as clean as you can, as we are guests in the city park and hope to return year after year.
  • There are no dogs, baby joggers, trekking poles, or other “accessories” allowed on the course.
  • Stay on the trail when you can. We ask that you stay to the trails to limit our impact on the vegetation around LBA. Many sections of the trails around LBA are narrow, so please stay single file as often as you can, letting people pass when possible.
  • If you come across an injured runner, you must stay with that person until medical attention arrives. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification.
  • Slow runners must yield the trail to others wishing to pass. Be alert and conscientious of other runners.
  • Please, no headphones. For big sections of the course the trail is too narrow and you need to be aware of other runners.
  • Non-­participants may NOT accompany registered runners along the course for any reason.
  • Dropping Out: If you find it necessary to drop from the race, you must do so at the aid station. Notify the aid station captain and make sure they get your bib number. Please do not leave the course without notifying an aid station captain. If we can’t account for your whereabouts, we will assume you are missing and launch a search party.
  • Race Staff has permission to pull any runner from the event due to injury or another reason that the runner should not continue. We are looking out for your safety, trust us.

Rule Violations

Participants are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. The LBA Race Management team reserves the right to impose infractions for any reason, even ones not mentioned here. This could be in the form of a DNF issued, or a lifetime ban.

Official protests of infractions and rule violations must be made directly to the Race Directors on race day. If a case of unclear or contested infractions occur, a jury of available racers, volunteers and race marshals will be gathered to discuss what the appropriate action may be. All decisions may be vetoed by the Race Directors.

  • Short-­cuts taken on any section of the course. The route is well-marked, so follow along and enjoy the path we created. We like and know you will too.
  • Disobeying the directions of Race Management and/or race volunteers.
  • Littering. Leave the trail cleaner than you found it. Carry trash with you until you get to the aid station garbage can. The loops aren’t that far apart.
  • Having a pet on the course.
  • Failing to remain at a checkpoint or the aid station for a medical evaluation.
  • Blocking another runner in any section of the course.
  • Failing to respect private property or the other users of the park. Be a trail running ambassador. Not a trail run ass.
  • Running without a number or using someone else's number.
  • Littering. Yes, this is a huge deal.
  • Abuse, either verbal or physical, against anyone in, on or around the course. Be kind. Enjoy the run. Be an upstanding citizen of the trail running community.